Indian Army to establish new Aviation Corps Base near Jaisalmer International Border

Indian Army to establish new Aviation Corps Base near Jaisalmer International Border

Approval granted for 880 bighas of land...

Indian Army Base Jaisalmer

In a significant development, the Indian Army is poised to establish a state-of-the-art aviation corps base near Netasi Village in the Ramgarh area of Jaisalmer, situated in close proximity to the international border. This strategic move has been given the green light by the Cabinet, with approval granted for the allocation of an expansive 880 bighas of land for the establishment of this crucial base. District Collector Ashish Gupta, who made the official announcement, emphasized the importance of this forthcoming aviation corps base, which is set to bolster the nation's defense capabilities in the region. The allocation of such a substantial land area underscores the magnitude of the project and the commitment of the Indian Army to enhancing its operational preparedness in this vital border region.

The allocation of land for the upcoming aviation corps base near Jaisalmer's international border is contingent upon the Indian Army's deposit of the required funds. The anticipation is that this base will house a unit of fighter helicopters, further bolstering the aviation corps' formidable fleet. Among the helicopters at their disposal are the Cheetah, Chetak, Dhruv, HCH, Rudra, and several other unnamed air vehicles and drones.

As the allocation process progresses, the Indian Army's investment in this strategic initiative will undoubtedly enhance the nation's aerial capabilities and readiness, reinforcing its commitment to safeguarding its borders. 

UT NEWS: This decision comes at a time when safeguarding India's borders and ensuring national security have never been more critical. The aviation corps base near Netasi Village is expected to serve as a pivotal hub for the Indian Army's aerial operations, offering increased surveillance, rapid response capabilities, and enhanced security measures along the international border in Jaisalmer.


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