6.41-Hectare wildlife enclosure construction underway at Phulwari Ki Nal

6.41-Hectare wildlife enclosure construction underway at Phulwari Ki Nal

Forest officials to relocate herbivores from Sajjangarh and Jaisamand sanctuaries...

Phulwari Ki Nal

The Forest Department is currently working on establishing a new enclosure along the Phulwari Ki Nal, situated 100 kilometers from Udaipur city. This enclosure is designed to provide a habitat for herbivorous wildlife, including Deer, Sambar, Spotted Deer, and other species. The development of this enclosure falls under the Ambasa block under the sanctuary, emphasizing wildlife conservation efforts. The total area earmarked for this initiative is 6.41 hectares, and the estimated cost for its establishment is Rs 85 lakh. 

In the Jaisamand sanctuary, cheetals and chinkaras were released prior to the current initiative. There has been a noticeable increase in their population. Notably, the district comprises sanctuary areas like Sajjangarh, Jaisamand and Phulwari Ki Nal. Among these, Sajjangarh and Jaisamand sanctuaries boast the highest concentration of wildlife. Phulwari Ki Nal sanctuary, covering an expansive area of 512 square kilometers, stands as the largest sanctuary in the region. 

Forest department officials have decided to relocate herbivorous wildlife from Sajjangarh and Jaisamand sanctuaries due to a noticeable increase in their population. This relocation aims to address the growing numbers effectively. In the surrounding areas of this sanctuary, namely Kotra, Jhadol, Ogna, and Phalasiya blocks, a substantial population of sloth bears can be observed. 

The Phulwari Ki Nal Sanctuary hosts a diverse array of wildlife, featuring a substantial population of sloth bears,Four-horned antelope,Deer, Flying Squirrels and various other species. Notably, it is the second sanctuary in the state, following Sitamata sanctuary, where flying squirrels have been observed. Adding to its allure, the sanctuary's scenic beauty is further enhanced by the tranquil flow of the Vakal River through its expanse. This unique combination of diverse fauna and natural charm makes Phulwari Ki Nal sanctuary a noteworthy conservation area in the region.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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