Rajasthan government is set to unveil Jan Aadhaar 2.0

Rajasthan government is set to unveil Jan Aadhaar 2.0 

Enhanced features await

Jan Aadhaar 2.0

Four years after its initial introduction, the CM Gehlot government's Jan Aadhaar card, designed for the state's residents to access a range of state welfare schemes, is set to receive an upgrade. The state Jan Aadhaar Authority is now in the final stages of launching 'Jan Aadhaar 2.0,' which will incorporate new features, an updated database, and expanded services.

The new features will include

  • Introducing the enhanced system, a total of 19 additional 'relations' will be incorporated, encompassing in-laws, nieces, nephews, as well as spouses and children from subsequent marriages. Once this upgraded system is operational, the head of the family (HOF) will have the ability to append the names of these newfound relations to the Jan Aadhaar card.
  • Prospective applicants will now have the option to include their newborn's birth certificate in the application shortly after the baby's birth. Previously, it wasn't obligatory to provide information for a family member below the age of five, as children's names were typically confirmed after that age. With the updated system, individuals can upload the birth certificate and subsequently make updates to the name at a later point.
  • A system of automatic approval and notification for Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) programs, such as pension schemes, ensures that eligible individuals receive their pension upon reaching the appropriate age without needing to submit a separate application.
  • By utilizing death certificates to eliminate deceased family members and birth certificates to include newborns, a seamless process for updating the state's population count in real-time is established.
  • Jan Aadhaar card holders won't be required to request address corrections due to the creation of new districts and blocks in the state. The names of these newly formed districts and blocks will be automatically updated in their addresses.

An automatic message would trigger from the system on their cell phones a month before they attain the eligible age. Applicants need to simply give a fingerprint at an e- Mitra kiosk to prove they are still alive and the scheme would be updated automatically without formally applying for it.


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