New Guidelines Issued for Street Vending License Renewal in Udaipur

New Guidelines Issued for Street Vending License Renewal in Udaipur

Efforts to streamline the street vending licensing process...

Nagar Nigam
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Udaipur Municipal Corporation has rolled out new guidelines for the renewal of licenses for street vendors operating under the city's street vending scheme. These guidelines aim to prevent encroachments on temporarily authorized business locations and ensure transparency in the renewal process.

According to the latest regulations, applicants for license renewal must now affix not only their photograph but also include the time and date of their presence at the designated location with their renewal application. This step intends to verify the authenticity of the vendor's presence at the licensed spot.

Moreover, applicants are mandated to provide their Aadhaar card details along with the renewal application, as per the updated guidelines. Additionally, they must attach a recent photograph depicting their presence at the licensed location, including longitude, latitude, date, and time information.

Furthermore, applicants are required to submit a map of the licensed location using Google Location services along with their renewal application. This map will aid in verifying the exact location of the vendor's business, enhancing the monitoring and regulation process.

In the city, a significant portion of street vending license holders operates during the night, under the Street Vending Rules of 1971. These vendors are authorized to accommodate various customers at different locations while conducting their business seated. Their licenses are periodically renewed to ensure compliance with regulations and continued operation.

These new guidelines come as part of the Municipal Corporation's efforts to streamline the street vending licensing process and maintain order in public spaces. By incorporating technology and stringent verification measures, the authorities aim to promote fairness and accountability among street vendors while preserving the city's urban landscape. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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