Over 82 butterfly species flourish in newly developed Butterfly Park

Over 82 butterfly species flourish in newly developed Butterfly Park

70 unique plants will also provide benefits to the park

Butterfly Park Udaipur

Butterfly Park, located on the scenic Nathdwara Highway, has become a captivating attraction for visitors as colorful butterflies grace the park's lush surroundings. The recent blossoming of flowers on the carefully curated plants within the park has further heightened the charm, resulting in an enchanting spectacle of fluttering butterflies. This eagerly awaited Butterfly Park, which came to fruition at an expenditure of Rs. 50 Lakh in April, is poised for its imminent inauguration.

Surendra Singh, a ranger from the Forest Department, has disclosed that they have created natural habitats for the butterflies indigenous to the Mewar region within the park. Additionally, the park benefits from the presence of a monsoon stream nearby, which further enhances its scenic beauty. The park's proximity to a monsoon stream underscores its role as a green lung in the area, enhancing air quality and serving as a sanctuary for various wildlife. 

The park boasts more than 82 species, including the Common Crimson Rose, Common Mormon, Red Pierrot, Common Jay, Common Grass Yellow, Spot Swordtail, Common Gull, Small Grass Yellow, Spotless Grass Yellow, Common Emigrant, Mottled Emigrant, Pioneer, Common Grass Blue, Small Orange Tip, White-Resplendent Tip, Common Jezebel, and Strooped Albatross, among others. 

Additionally, it features over 70 different plants, including seasonal Neem, Punjabi Lemon, Night-blooming Jasmine, Climbing Oleander, Madhumalati, Creeping Muraya, Berbera, Circus Karuda, Ixora, Garlic Creeper, Raphis, Keeper, Star Fruit False, Mexican Evening Creeper, and Gardenia.

UT NOTE: The park's careful curation of diverse plant species, including native ones like Neem and Night-blooming Jasmine, provides a rich source of nectar and sustenance for butterflies and other pollinators throughout the year. This not only supports the local ecosystem but also contributes to the broader goal of preserving plant diversity. The Butterfly Park is not just a captivating tourist attraction but also a vital contributor to the local environment, fostering biodiversity, supporting pollinators, and creating awareness about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

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