Udaipur's nightlife to benefit tourists with late-night shopping and food markets

Udaipur's nightlife to benefit tourists with late-night shopping and food markets

Establishment of a night market becomes an essential requirement in Udaipur

Possible Night Life In Udaipur
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Given the escalating number of tourists flocking to Udaipur, the lake city, the establishment of a night market becomes an essential requirement. As the influx of tourists into the city continues to grow monthly, the introduction of a night market would undoubtedly alleviate any potential issues for visitors arriving at night. Shikha Saxena, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, Udaipur, expressed her opinions on night tourism, highlighting the need for initiating night food markets in areas that primarily attract tourists. Recognizing that nighttime visitors in Udaipur, one of the country's prime tourist destination, often grapple with finding food, Assam's Governor, Gulab Chand Kataria, has also taken this matter up. Their collaborative efforts aim to boost night tourism by resolving these challenges, thereby enhancing the overall tourist experience.

Aside from the hotels, there are no eateries open in Udaipur for late-night visitors, presenting an issue for tourists who arrive in the city after 10:00 pm. Tourists who come at night yearn for dinner, let alone tea and coffee. The tourists who stay in big hotels, food is available there, but other tourists have to worry. 

Shikha Saxena, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, pointed out that Udaipur has gained global fame as it has been hosting significant events such as the G20. She underscored the necessity of establishing night markets in Udaipur, stating that it would act as a catalyst for the city's tourism sector and will also be beneficial for the tourists alike. Alternatively, in a program, Assam's Governor Gulabchand Kataria also acknowledged Udaipur's numerous achievements. He emphasized that developing a night market in Udaipur would ensure that tourists visiting at night need not fret over the availability of nighttime amenities.

The Tourism Department of Udaipur has also developed a proposal with alternative suggestions for the night market. The Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, Shikha Saxena recommended additional options for the night market, such as Handicraft and Cloth markets, particularly in areas with heavy tourist footfall, like near the railway station and the city's old bus station. Furthermore, she suggested that the city's ropeways be opened during the nighttime to allow tourists to experience the captivating city view. According to her, witnessing the cityscape at night is truly worthwhile.

Udaipur city attracts a large influx of tourists each month, making it a popular destination. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors choose to explore the city's charm and beauty. With the introduction of night markets, Udaipur city is set to offer even more diverse facilities to its visitors. The question arises regarding the closing time of these markets. What will be the permissible operating duration for the night markets in Udaipur? 


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