Rajasthan government: Offenders of gender-based crimes to be barred from government jobs

Rajasthan government: Offenders of gender-based crimes to be barred from government jobs

Rajasthan government implements stricter measures regarding employment

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In a significant move aimed at curbing crimes against women and girls, the Rajasthan government has taken steps to ensure that individuals convicted of such offenses will no longer be eligible for government jobs within the state. This decision was announced by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot during a late-night law and order meeting. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot emphatically stated that safeguarding the rights and safety of women and vulnerable sections of society remains the government's foremost priority. To achieve this, he directed officials to maintain comprehensive records of individuals involved in gender-based criminal activities. Furthermore, he instructed that instances of tampering or falsification of information on character certificates should be explicitly indicated.

During the meeting, Chief Minister Gehlot emphasized the significance of enforcing stringent actions against habitual offenders. He asserted that the presence of a criminal record involving offenses against women and girls should lead to disqualification from pursuing government employment. As part of this initiative, the character certificate of individuals with a history of gender-based offenses will bear a notation reflecting their actions, making them ineligible for government job opportunities.

The collected names of these individuals will subsequently be transmitted to both the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) and the Staff Selection Board. As part of a meticulous screening process, applicants for government positions will be cross-referenced with this database. Those found to have their names listed as habitual molesters will encounter rejection of their job applications. It's worth noting that this instruction from the Chief Minister, at present, has been conveyed verbally, necessitating the adaptation of recruitment procedures and eligibility criteria for government employment.

The initiative also encompasses a targeted operational approach. The Chief Minister has called for the launch of a specialized operation aimed at monitoring individuals with a history of molestation. Plainclothes police personnel will be deployed to carry out surveillance in educational institutions, markets, and areas that have reported higher incidences of such offenses. The locations with a notable frequency of complaints will be subjected to intensified monitoring, facilitated through strategically positioned surveillance points within schools, colleges, and markets. 

This decision by the Rajasthan government underlines its commitment to creating a safer environment for women and girls, as well as promoting ethical conduct and accountability among its workforce. With these measures in place, it is anticipated that the state will witness a decline in gender-based crimes and a stronger emphasis on upholding the dignity and security of all citizens.


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