Notice Barring Entry of Food Delivery Agents in Lift in a Mall in Udaipur goes viral

Notice Barring Entry of Food Delivery Agents in Lift in a Mall in Udaipur goes viral

The Tweet shows a posted stuck in a Mall in Udaipur, which prohibits food delivery agents from using the lift and instructs them to use the stairs instead.

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The snap was taken by a journalist and posted on Twitter...the name of the Mall/building has not been mentioned.

A news has gone viral over social media which says that food delivery agents have been barred from using the lift of a mall. We do not know which mall as the viral news does not mention the name of the mall. It is just that it has been mentioned that the mall is in Udaipur.

Coming back to the viral news which has invited the anger of netizens… a notice has been pasted in the mall barring food delivery agents from using the lifts. It specifically says that Swiggy and Zomato not allowed in lift, please use stairs.

Most netizens are extremely annoyed with this notice and they are furious with the building authorities. “If the delivery boys are carrying a certain weight they cannot be denied a lift, that's the Human rights convention of which India is a signatory.” “Do the people who have put a ban believe that Zomato or Swiggy provide their Delivery Boy with extra nutrients to climb 10-20 floors for every 2nd or 3rd delivery?

There are people who have even supported the notice. “What is wrong in this notice? During pandemic times, everyone is scared of outsiders entering their buildings/lifts…

Some netizens have also asked for the reason behind the discrimination. Since the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors for quite a long time, many are opting for food delivery services and this notice has irked public a lot. What is your take on this?

(news source and inputs:twitter)

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