Udaipur: District Collector mandates eco-friendly boats, phases out speed boats in lakes

Udaipur: District Collector mandates eco-friendly boats, phases out speed boats in lakes

Speed Boats

The serene lakes of our city will now exclusively accommodate environmentally friendly boats, as speed boats have been prohibited. In a commendable move, District Collector Tarachand Meena has recently issued a clear directive, stating that there will no longer be any tenders for speed boats. Additionally, District Collector Tarachand Meena expressed his concern regarding the delayed meeting of the Lake Conservation Committee. The responsible officer will be held accountable if the meeting is not promptly convened. 

On Monday 19 June, 2023, District Collector Tarachand Meena conducted a meeting with the district-level committee responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of our lakes. During the meeting, District Collector Meena made a decisive announcement that speed boats will no longer be permitted to operate in the lakes. Furthermore, he emphasized that there will be no future tenders issued for speed boats. This directive aims to prioritize the preservation and ecological well-being of our lakes.

In a significant development, it has been mandated that only eco-friendly boats will be permitted to operate in the lakes, while any boats causing pollution will be restricted from plying. The District Collector, during a recent inquiry, sought information regarding the measures being taken by the corporation to ensure the cleanliness of the lakes. Expressing disappointment, the Collector noted that despite the allocation of substantial funds amounting to lakhs of rupees each month, the corporation has not been successful in effectively maintaining the cleanliness standards of the lakes.

During the meeting, Collector Meena expressed concern over the delayed convening of the Lake Conservation Committee, highlighting its adverse impact on the focus and discussion surrounding lake cleanliness. He emphasized the need for accountability and stated that responsibility will be assigned to the individual responsible for the delayed meeting. The meeting witnessed the presence of esteemed members including Zilla Parishad CEO Saloni Khemka, Corporation Commissioner Vasudev Malavat, Traffic Deputy Kushal Chouradia, and other key participants.

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