Udaipur District Collector Initiates Calls for Non-Voters

Udaipur District Collector Initiates Calls for Non-Voters

Efforts Increase Voter Turnout in Udaipur Elections...


Efforts to increase voter turnout have been underway for several days, both administratively and through private initiatives, resulting in continued action on April 26, 2024, the day of the election. Various organizations have been actively engaged in bringing those in need to the polling booths, while administrative measures have focused on contacting individuals who had not cast their votes after 4:00 p.m.

District Election Officer and Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal has been a key personality in coordinating these efforts, utilizing the comprehensive list of voters mobile numbers in his area. As evening descended, calls were initiated to those who hadn't participated in the voting process. Through these calls, information regarding the reasons for abstaining from voting and the individual’s circumstances were gathered.

Booth Level Officers (BLOs) have been at the forefront of the administrative drive, visiting the homes of non-voters and bringing them to the polling booths to exercise their voting rights. Utilizing BLO bikes and other vehicles, those unable to reach the booth themselves have been facilitated to participate in the electoral process.

In a notable instance, around 4:00 pm, BLOs, accompanied by three colleagues, visited the resident of Titrdi. They assisted a woman, who was unable to move  out due to illness, in casting her vote, highlighting the commitment to ensuring every eligible citizen's participation in the democratic process.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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