Udaipur: Surge in International Tourists continues in Feb 2024

Udaipur: Surge in International Tourists continues in Feb 2024

foreign tourists in Udaipur Tourism Boost

The City of Lakes tourist numbers have seen a notable uptick from February 2023 to February of this year. A remarkable increase in the influx of foreign tourists. The Tourism Department has unveiled the latest figures, revealing a promising trend in Udaipur's tourism landscape.

According to the released statistics, a total of 163,863 tourists graced Udaipur's streets in the month of February. Among them, 142,300 were domestic tourists, while 21,563 were foreign visitors. This surge marks a significant rise in both domestic and international tourist footfall, painting a picture of Udaipur's growing allure on the global stage.

Comparing these numbers to January of the same year, the contrast is notable. In January 2024, Udaipur witnessed a total of 207,931 tourists, with 189,500 being domestic and 18,431 foreign tourists. While there was a slight decrease in domestic tourists from January to February, the city witnessed a commendable increase in foreign visitors during February.

Reflecting on the progress made over the past year, a comparison to February 2023 further underscores Udaipur's burgeoning popularity as a tourist destination. During that time, the city welcomed 140,400 domestic tourists and 15,378 foreign tourists. 

Shikha Saxena, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Department in Udaipur, expressed optimism regarding this positive trend. She highlighted the year-on-year increase in tourist numbers as a testament to Udaipur's enduring appeal and growing recognition as a must-visit destination.

As Udaipur continues to charm visitors with its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and warm hospitality, the city is poised to further solidify its position as one of India's premier tourist destinations. 

2023 Tourist Data

Month Domestic Tourists Foreign Tourists
January 180000 14215
February 140400 15378
March 138000 14026
April  116900 6754
May 127000 6476
June 120450 2295
July 130500 5461
August 151300 9267
September 153000 8701
October 154640 14535
November 215000 21299
December 227100 17992

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