Garbage Piles Welcome Visitors to the Old City

Garbage Piles Welcome Visitors to the Old City

Travellers witnesses large amounts of trash near the lake

Garbage Udaipur

The district administration and municipal corporation are prioritizing road expansion and cleanliness efforts in the city, while tourists are captivated by the historical allure of the old city's entrance gate. However, upon arrival in the city, travelers witness large amounts of trash near the lake. This problem has been persisting for around for quite a few months.

As you travel from Hathi Pol Chowk towards the new bridge on Swaroop Sagar Road, you will encounter large piles of dirt along the roadside, which has made the road narrow and congested. This is a sharp bend with limited visibility for oncoming vehicles. Soil from the roadside is eroding into the lake, and litter is being blown into the lake water by the wind.The road has become considerably narrow because of large piles of debris, which could pose a risk for accidents. 

The municipal authorities stationed guards temporarily on the bridge to deter littering and dumping, but they were later removed after a brief duration. Consequently, the dumping of municipal waste has resumed at this location. Contractors involved in the Smart City initiative are also adding to the waste buildup here. Moreover, construction debris from within the city is also being deposited at this site.

"Ever since I became a councilor, I have observed these ongoing conditions. Complaints have been filed with the municipal corporation multiple times, and the matter has been discussed in board meetings. Unfortunately, a lasting solution to the problem has not been found."  - Asha Soni, Ward Councilor.

Source - Rajasthan Patrika 

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