Old woman robbed off her gold jewellery

Old woman robbed off her gold jewellery

Impostors rob an old lady after hypnotising her.

Old woman robbed off her gold jewellery

An old woman was robbed off her gold jewellery by 2 men who pretended to be pundits from Haridwar. Reportedly these “pundits” made her sniff onto a liquid after which she did what they asked for.

Grandson of 65 year old Dhanwanti of Malla Talai area reported that his grandmother was away to Gurudwara with her sister. After visiting the Gurudwara, both the sisters went to Ashok Nagar to visit the place of a deity. From there when Dhanwanti was on her way home, 2 men met her who said that they were pundits from Haridwar. One of them was thin and the other was comparatively healthy. This duo said that they were astrologers and could predict the future after observing the lines on hand. They asked for an incense stick. The lady went with them to a shop and bought the incense sticks (agarbatti). The fat man asked the old lady to hand over the sticks to his partner. Then he applied some liquid on the lady’s hand and asked her to smell it.

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The old lady later realised that the liquid had some hypnotic effect on her and after smelling it she did what she was asked for and she gave them her gold jewellery that she was wearing. Police teams and Lady Patrol team were informed who searched for the impostors but could not find them anywhere. CCTV footages could not be obtained hence arresting the 2 robbers might prove to be a difficult task.

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