One night 3 thefts-Pratapnagar police station area

One night 3 thefts-Pratapnagar police station area

3 shops robbed in one night.

One night 3 thefts-Pratapnagar police station area

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It seems thieves are in a mood to challenge the police of Udaipur. To prove this, 3 shops were victimised near Pratapnagar police station in just one night.

3 shops are hardly 500 metres away from the police station area in Pratapnagar. Thieves broke  the shutters of these shops and stole all the cash from the shops. Not just this, they even stole mobiles and wallets of the labourers sleeping in the godown.

Some of the labourers who were sleeping on the footpath said that they saw 7-8 men running towards the hills. The incident happened around 3 a.m. They then informed the shop owners who reached the site immediately. Pratapnagar police were called on site.

Thieves broke the shutters of these grocery and electrical shops with iron rods. They stole all the cash from these shops. They did not even spare the sleeping labourers and robbed them off their wallets and mobiles. The shop owners are highly agitated with the fact that the night watch conducted by police is of no use. Prima facie, the thieves were aware of the condition of shops’ shutters as they broke open the shutters from the correct angle.

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