Efforts underway to address wastage of lake Pichola's pristine water

Efforts underway to address wastage of lake Pichola's pristine water

Some officers from the Smart City project went to check out the lake's situation


The clear waters of Lake Pichola are being squandered as they empty into a sealed sewerage manhole. Despite efforts, a solution to this issue remains elusive. The District Collector, Arvind Kumar Poswal, recently became aware of this problem and took action. Officers from the Smart City initiative conducted an inspection at the lake's location. They discovered that accessing the manhole would require navigating deeper into the lake, with the only viable route being through the dividing machine.

Tejshankar Paliwal, a former Lake Development Authority member, raised concerns about the problem and urged Smart City CEO Arpana Gupta to personally examine the manhole using the dividing machine. However, due to potential dangers associated with reaching the dividing machine, they were advised to gather comprehensive information about the situation first. Paliwal clarified that despite claims of the dividing machine having a capacity of five tonnes, such a feature did not actually exist. Engineer Dinesh Pancholi, accompanied by a team, was also present at the site.

Paliwal expressed his belief that physically inspecting the manhole on-site could potentially yield a solution. In response, Arpana Gupta mentioned having already viewed a video of the situation. Meanwhile, to address the water issue, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Corporation Paras Singhvi and an engineer from the same Corporation visited the location and observed the water flow through the dividing machine.

On Thursday, August 10, 2023, Paliwal submitted a memorandum to Collector Poswal, outlining the entire situation. In the memorandum, he highlighted that the water from Lake Pichola was being wasted. 

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