Panther spotted in areas near Badgaon

Panther spotted in areas near Badgaon

The villagers have been advised to use fireworks to scare the beast.
Panther spotted in areas near Badgaon

-Panthers have frequently been spotted close to the city areas.

-Residents of Paldi and Katara areas are in terror.

Panthers have very often been frequenting the areas close to the city. On Sunday night, a female panther was seen on the road near Badgaon in Paldi area. This has caused much terror among the villagers. Forest department has started night patrolling after getting the information from the villagers.

The forest ranger has suggested the use of fireworks to scare away the panther from the residential areas. They have also been advised to use fire torches to shoo away the beast. It has been reported that 2 cubs were also seen with the mother. Following this cages have not been set up as if at all the female gets trapped, this might pose trouble for the cubs from other wild beasts.

Badgaon area is 7 kms away from the city limit with a population of around 1500 people. A few days back it was reported that a man died after a panther attacked him in this village though it has not yet been verified. Nilgiri hills are right behind Badgaon village and the panther has probably marked its territory there.

Panther sightings have been quite common. In the past few months panthers have been seen moving around in Dudhtalai area, Shikarbadi area and even in university campus. Every other day panther preys on dogs in Machla Magra area. Some time back, a panther was seen preying on a dog outside a house in Shikarbadi area. Panther movement was also spotted in the City Palace area some time back.

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