Panther spotted near Jawar Mines

Panther spotted near Jawar Mines 

The panther was near a river and later went towards the old soap stone mines.
Panther spotted near Jawar Mines
Hunger and thirst brought the panther down the hill. 

A panther was spotted near a river in Kotdi Phalen in Jawar Mines. It stayed in the pass for around 5 hours. The villagers were in fear for a long time. 

A huge crowd gathered when they got news of this panther near the river. It was probably there for drinking water. The sight of the crowd did not deter the panther and it kept on sitting in that particular place for a long time.

The forest department reached the site when they were informed by the villagers. Since the panther was in an open area it could not be tranquilised. Also the teams were not equipped with any relevant thing required to safeguard themselves in case of attack by the panther.

After this, the villagers created noise to scare the panther away. It then left the river side and went towards the old soapstone mine area. As per the forest department, the panther was in search of food and water and came from the hilly areas towards the river. It could not escape as it was down the hill. 

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