Passbooks (Study Guides) in Govt Schools will lead to action against Teachers and Authorities

Passbooks (Study Guides) in Govt Schools will lead to action against Teachers and Authorities

Education Department bans passbooks in government schools of Udaipur District


The education department has adopted a stringent position regarding the utilization of guidebooks in government schools. Following the issuance of a ban order, severe actions have been decided upon for institution heads and teachers found using passbooks within school premises. In response to this, all District Education Officers (DEOs) have received explicit directives from the Secretary of Education. These directives emphasize the need for strict adherence to the ban and indicate a firm stance against any violation. The education authorities are taking decisive measures to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

In government schools, there is now a restriction on the use of passbooks or guidebooks. This measure has been implemented with the aim of fostering a culture of learning among a particular group of students, namely the 33% of children across various classes who are considered academically weaker. To cater to their specific needs, workbooks have been introduced.

Alternatively, if rigorous compliance with this policy is upheld across all schools, it could have a substantial impact on the passbook business during the upcoming education session in the state, potentially affecting an estimated Rs 1800 crore.

In the meantime, CDEO Mahendra Kumar Badala has affirmed the strict implementation of the passbook ban. In this context, responsibility will be assigned, and measures will be taken against institution heads and teachers who violate the directive. 

The education department has taken this step due to its belief that traditional rote learning methods, which heavily rely on textbooks, have not been effective in adequately preparing these students for their academic journey. By embracing workbooks and other innovative teaching materials, the government hopes to enhance the educational experience and outcomes for these students, offering them a more engaging and interactive learning process. 

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