Udaipur: Easily access your rights at MB Hospital

Udaipur: Easily access your rights at MB Hospital

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Patients visiting Maharana Bhupal Government Hospital will now have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their patient rights. The hospital administration has prominently showcased information about patient rights, as per the NABH accreditation, throughout the corridors, outdoor areas, and other prominent locations. Dr. RL Suman mentioned that a dedicated reception room has been established within the hospital for the convenience of patients and their families, where a comprehensive range of information will be readily accessible to them.

Dr. RL Suman, the Hospital Superintendent, expressed that Maharana Bhupal Hospital, rooted in its esteemed traditions, is wholly committed to providing care to each and every patient. Prioritizing the well-being of the general public, significant emphasis is placed on upholding patient rights. In line with this commitment, the hospital has prominently exhibited the rights and responsibilities of patients. Should any issues arise during the hospital stay, individuals have the option to register a complaint via phone or by scanning the provided QR code. Moreover, the complaint room remains accessible for assistance. Additionally, a dedicated Monitoring Cell is in place to address any grievances effectively.

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Rights of a patient

  1. Providing Dignified Care: The hospital management is dedicated to upholding the utmost health standards for the well-being of the public.
  2. Transparency and Consent: The hospital will offer concise information regarding the patient's condition, available treatment choices, potential side effects, and no medical procedures will be conducted without the patient's explicit consent.

  3. Unwavering Commitment to Privacy: We wholeheartedly uphold patient confidentiality, ensuring the secure safeguarding of personal information.

  4. Accurate and Timely Medical Care: Patients will receive prompt and precise treatment, along with the assurance of high-quality care.


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