Udaipur: Pedal Boat Service to launch from Daiji Ka Puliya to Chand Pol Puliya

Udaipur: Pedal Boat Service to launch from Daiji Ka Puliya to Chand Pol Puliya

Smart City initiative...

Daiji Ka puliya

In a bid to enhance recreational activities, the Udaipur city government is preparing to introduce pedal boat services along the scenic route from Daji Ki Pulia to Chandpol Pulia on Pichola Lake. Currently, pedal boats are exclusively utilized in the ponds at Sukhadia Circle, but the initiative aims to extend this eco-friendly mode of transportation to the picturesque Pichola and Fateh Sagar lakes. Before commencing the service, the government plans to seek legal advice to ensure compliance with regulations.

Heritage Conservation Committee Meeting

On Tuesday, February 6, 2024, the Heritage Conservation Committee, under the leadership of Committee Chairman Madan Dave, convened for a crucial meeting. Discussions revolved around various initiatives to preserve and enhance the city's cultural heritage. Among the topics addressed was the proposal to install a fountain in the park near Surajpol Gate, which received approval. 

Emphasis on Preserving Historical Havelis and Heritage Sites

The committee deliberated on the preservation of historical havelis in Udaipur, drawing inspiration from successful conservation efforts in Bikaner and Jaisalmer. It highlighted the significance of the Smart City initiative in safeguarding numerous heritage sites, underscoring the urgency to protect the remaining ones.

Agreed Measures to Enhance City Infrastructure and Security

During the meeting, several decisions were made to improve the city's infrastructure and address security concerns. Plans were finalized to repair and repaint the gates within the city, as well as to enhance the aesthetic appeal of pavilions near Pichola Lake with fresh colors. Additionally, discussions ensued regarding filing a police report against individuals responsible for damaging glass near Chandpol Gate, with prompt measures outlined for its replacement.

Proposed Installation of Information Boards in the Wall City

Ruchika Choudhary, a committee member, proposed the installation of information boards along the pathways in the Wall City. Highlighting the challenges faced by tourists due to a lack of information, she emphasized the importance of providing relevant guidance to enhance their experience within the historical precincts of Udaipur.

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