Pichola lake's water diverted into Fateh Sagar

Pichola lake's water diverted into Fateh Sagar 

Efforts are underway to restore water in Fateh Sagar to its optimum level of 9 feet...

Fateh Sagar

The Water Resources Department took action as the water level in Pichola Lake soared to nine feet. Gates of the linking canal were opened at 6:00 PM. on April 4, 2024 facilitating the diversion of water to Fatehsagar Lake. This development aims to address the rising water levels and maintain equilibrium between the two lakes.

With Pichola Lake reaching its maximum capacity, authorities initiated the opening of the canal gates by one feet. This strategic move is expected to swiftly augment the water levels in Fatehsagar Lake. Over the past nine days, continuous inflow from Alsigarh and Akodra dams has contributed to the surge in Pichola Lake's water levels, supplemented by water from the Madri Dam.

During the recent nine-day period, Fatehsagar Lake observed a decrease in water levels from 7.1 feet to 6.10 feet. However, efforts are underway to restore it to its optimum level of 9 feet. Notably, Akodra Dam holds 150 MCF of water, while Alsigarh Dam contains 10 feet of water.

To cater to the city's drinking water requirements, 31 MLD of water is sourced daily from Pichola Lake, along with an additional 18 MLD from Fateh Sagar Lake.

Authorities aim to maintain both Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lakes at a water level of nine feet, a move anticipated to enhance tourism during the forthcoming summer season. The allure of these lakes amidst the scorching summers attracts tourists from far and wide. Additionally, the city's drinking water supply is secured for approximately two and a half months, ensuring water sufficiency for its residents.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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