PM Modi inaugurates virtual India Toy Fair 2021

PM Modi inaugurates virtual India Toy Fair 2021

Indian toys are not merely for entertainment, they help kids learn science.
PM Modi inaugurates virtual India Toy Fair 2021

-A variety of Indian toys like 'gullel', 'lattoo', etc. teach balance, gravity and potential and kinetic energy.

-PM Modi emphasised on the importance of echo-friendly toys and urged the toy makers to make minimum use of plastic in toys.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the virtual India Toy Fair 2021 on Saturday 27th February. He highlighted the salient features of the Indian Toys and said that these toys are not merely for entertainment but they also give a lot of lessons to the children with respect to science, mental balance, energy and a lot of happiness.

PM Modi said that toys help kids initiate into the world of scientific theories. While inaugurating the virtual toy fair he also said, “Lattu (spinning top) teaches us gravity and balance, gullel (sling-shot) teaches potential and kinetic energy. Puzzle toys help develop strategic thinking and problem-solving. The jhunjhuna (rattle) helps a newborn feel the circular motion.”

He also interacted with the toy makers and urged them to minimize the use of plastic in toys. He emphasized on the use of environment friendly toys. PM Modi also said that toys remind him of his childhood. Modi also requested the parents to more playing time with their children.

Let us take a look at what the Prime Minister said at the virtual inauguration:

There is enough strength hidden in the toy industry of our country. Increasing this strength and the identity of the toy industry is a big part of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign. People from across the country have researched the toys of Mohenjodaro and Indus Valley. India’s chess is famous round the globe. I urge the toy manufacturers to make echo friendly and psychological toys and minimize the use of plastic in manufacturing the toys. Recycled material must be used for making toys. Innovation and competition in toy-making can fuel India's vocal for local campaign. There is a need to replace international stars with Indian superheroes. More than 7000 ideas have been received in the “Toycathon”. Now people do not buy toys only as a product but also want to connect with the experience associated with toys. Hence we must focus on promoting handmade toys.

The virtual Indian Toy Fair 2021 is being held till 2nd March’21.  It is a good opportunity for children to engage in a plethora of activities including craft demos on traditional toy-making. It will showcase traditional Indian toys, modern toys, electronic toys and puzzle and games. Numerous webinars will also be hosted and there will also be panel discussions with eminent Indian and international speakers with proven efficiency in toy designing and manufacturing.

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