Police accused of damage in liquor shop

Police accused of damage in liquor shop

Police damage liquor shop.

Police accused of damage in liquor shop

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A liquor shop was found open after 8 p.m. which is against the rules of working hours set for the liquor shops. As per reports, a liquor shop at RK Circle was found open even after 8 p.m. Police has been accused of causing damage to the shop by breaking the liquor bottles and windows of the shop. The liquor contractor was informed about this who in turn went to register a complaint with SP Kailash Chandra Bishnoi.

Contractor Manoj Mishra received information from the shop’s salesman at 8:10 p.m. that police was hitting and damaging the shop’s shutter and were also breaking windows of the liquor shop. When Manoj Mishra reached the shop, he found a lot of policemen outside. Ambamata SI SS Indoria said that the salesmen had run away with the shop keys and returned after sometime giving the keys to police. After this, the police went inside the shop and started breaking liquor bottles. Mishra complained that the attitude of police was extremely bad and they were not even willing to listen to any pleas. After damaging the shop, police dragged the salesmen to the police station. Mishra went to the police station and requested the police to release the salesmen. The same night, Mishra went to meet SP Bishnoi and related the entire incident to him. SP Bishnoi asked Mishra to discuss the issue in the morning hours on Friday.

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