Police arrests the accused of Sunday’s Bedla case

Police arrests the accused of Sunday’s Bedla case

3 accused of Bedla-Syphen case arrested by Ambamata police.

Police arrests the accused of Sunday’s Bedla case

Ambamata police has arrested the 3 accused of Bedla case of Sunday. It may be noted that these 3 youths were in a drunken state and caused a major ruckus in Bedla area. Phul Singh Rajput, Chandu and Narendra Singh Bhati have been arrested for creating nuisance and for hitting people.

The accused revealed that it was Phul Singh’s birthday on Sunday. They consumed liquor near Bedla Mata temple and later on wanted to cut the birthday cake in a different place. They stopped at the Bedla bridge for cake cutting when some people stopped them from doing so. An argument took place between these people and the youths. Then the two parties moved towards Khan Complex and had a fight. Post this, the youths went back to the bridge and created a huge ruckus and even misbehaved with a lot of people. As reported by people they even misbehaved with the females around and tried to get fresh with a young girl.

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After the incident, only Narendra went back home while the other two didn’t. Parents of Phul Singh and Chandu were extremely annoyed with the 2 youths and were looking for them. It may also be noted that the families told police that they would hand over their sons to the police the moment they returned home. The next morning after the arrest of these 2 youths, their families also reached the police station. The youths confessed to having committed the crime the previous night but denied having misbehaved with the females.

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