Udaipur District: Police seized 154 kg ghee and 2 quintals of khoa

Udaipur District: Police seized 154 kg ghee and 2 quintals of khoa

Diwali special campaign by Food Security Department


During an inspection, the Ghasa and Jhallara Thana police confiscated 154 kilograms of adulterated ghee and 2 quintals of khoa (Mawa). Following this, on Friday, October 10, 2023, Food Security Officer Ashok Gupta and Narendra Singh Chauhan, acting on suspicion, collected samples of the seized ghee and khoa.  As part of the Diwali special campaign, special emphasis is placed on monitoring various food items such as milk, paneer, khoa, ghee, oil, dry foods, spices, sweets, and snacks. The Food Security Department has, to date, gathered 42 samples as part of this campaign.

Subsequently, measures were taken to seize the confiscated ghee and khoa, ensuring that proper action was initiated. To safeguard the khoa, arrangements were made to store it in cold storage, ensuring its preservation and quality.

On Thursday night, prior to this incident, the Ghasa Thana police in Ahmedabad intercepted a vehicle carrying 154 kilograms of ghee. The ghee was packaged in various ways. During interrogation, Ajay Lalawat from Chandesara (Mavli) revealed his plan to sell the ghee in Bamanhera (Ajmer), Rajasthan. However, he couldn't provide satisfactory answers to the police's questions.

Due to suspicions, the police seized the ghee-loaded vehicle, taking it to the police station for further investigation. Subsequently, acting on the received information, the Food Security Officer collected samples of the seized ghee and initiated measures to confiscate the remaining 148 kilograms.

In this instance, the Jhallara Thana police confiscated 2 quintals of ghee dispatched by Gajraj Travels from Jodhpur. Acting on information, Food Inspector Chauhan obtained samples of barfi khoa. Furthermore, 98 kilograms of khoa were securely stored in cold storage.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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