Drug Rehabilitation Center Operator Arrested for Illegal Drug Distribution

Drug Rehabilitation Center Operator Arrested for Illegal Drug Distribution

Police seized 50 grams of illegal MDMA drugs...Police seized 50 grams of illegal MDMA drugs

Drugs arrested by Sukher Police

The Sukher police station in Udaipur district has arrested an individual involved in the illicit distribution of drugs while operating a drug rehabilitation center. Manish Rajpurohit, 26 years old and residing in Nimbara, Pali, stands accused of running a drug rehabilitation center named "Naya Ujala" in Titardi Ambamata Ghati, where he was found to be engaged in the distribution and sale of illegal MDMA drugs.

Arrest and Seizure

On April 15, Manish was arrested at his rehabilitation center "Naya Ujala," where police seized 50 grams of illegal MDMA drugs from his possession. A case was promptly registered against him under the NDPS Act, and he was presented before the court on Tuesday, April 16, where he was remanded to judicial custody.

Police Investigation

Sukher Station Officer Himanshu Singh Rajawat revealed that while Manish purported to provide rehabilitation services in Udaipur's Ambamata Ghati, his true activities involved the unlawful sale of MDMA drugs, operating under the guise of a rehabilitation center.

Discovery of the Accused

The police's finding of Manish was initiated during a routine checkpoint, where they investigated a vehicle with a Gujarat registration number. Upon inspecting the car, authorities discovered 50 grams of illegal MDMA drugs in a plastic bag near the driver, who identified himself as Dhuda Ram Jat, 25 years old, from Barmer. Subsequently, Dhuda Ram confessed to his involvement in drug trafficking, disclosing his association with Manish Rajpurohit and his supply of drugs to the "Naya Ujala" rehabilitation center.

Following Dhuda Ram's confession, the police swiftly apprehended Manish at his rehabilitation center, seizing additional illegal MDMA drugs.

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