Hybrid cars surge in popularity as Udaipur registers 1,648 cars

Hybrid cars surge in popularity as Udaipur registers 1,648 cars

They have became popular due to their reduced fuel consumption...

Hybrid Cars

In Udaipur, there has been a notable increase in the enthusiasm for expensive cars that also feature hybrid technology, renowned for their economical fuel consumption. This surge in interest can be attributed to the growing popularity of electric and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. City residents are increasingly favoring hybrid vehicles with price tags exceeding Rs 10 lakh. In fact, the booking process for such vehicles in anticipation of Diwali has already kicked off. This trend highlights the city's inclination toward green and efficient transportation alternatives, combining luxury and eco-consciousness.

One of the most significant advantages of these vehicles lies in their ability to deliver higher mileage compared to conventional cars. They incorporate both a petrol engine and an electric motor, making them increasingly popular due to their reduced fuel consumption. 

The electric motor's contribution is particularly beneficial for environmental protection. According to the Transport Department, over the past three financial years, the city has seen a substantial surge in the registration of hybrid cars, totaling 1,648, which is significantly greater than the number of electric cars, of which only 174 have been registered during the same period. These vehicles are also gaining favor among young families.

The city has registered a total of 1,648 hybrid cars to date, and their popularity continues to grow thanks to their superior mileage, driving an increase in registrations. - P.L. Bamaniya, Regional Transport Officer


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