Power Cut: Electricity Crisis Deepens in Udaipur

Power Cut: Electricity Crisis Deepens in Udaipur

Severe heat and power cuts disrupt daily life of Udaipur residents

Electric Shock Kherwara

The electricity crisis that started in recent days deepened again on May 22,2024.  From 12:28 PM to 5:02 PM, the entire district experienced a power outage. To maintain the load, there were intermittent power cuts in various areas. The severe heat and power cuts severely affected daily life of Udaipur residents. 

Work Disrupted

In the intense heat, with the power being out for about five hours, people were troubled at home. Both small and large commercial activities came to a halt, causing significant inconvenience. Many government and private offices were completely non-functional without electricity.

People distressed by the power outage lodged numerous complaints at the electricity corporation offices. However, the only response they received was, "The power is out from the main source." Upon inquiring with AVVNL engineers, it was revealed that there was a trip in the power line coming from Kankroli through the transmission corporation, disrupting the power supply system.

Officials from Ajmer Discom explained that electricity is provided by the transmission corporation, which they then distribute to the public through smaller lines. In case of disruptions in the transmission corporation's lines, the distribution corporation is helpless. They cannot supply electricity if they do not receive it, yet it is the distribution corporation that has to listen to the public's complaints.

Transmission corporation officials stated that the demand for electricity has significantly increased due to the rise in temperature. With air conditioners and various electrical appliances drawing power in homes and offices, and increased electricity consumption for agricultural use, the transmission corporation's lines are overloaded. Consequently, it is natural for the lines to trip under such conditions.

  • Daily demand: 85 lakh units
  • Demand reached: 10 lakh units
  • Electrical load:350 megawatts
  • Load reached: 400 megawatts

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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