Power Cuts Troubles Udaipur’s Residents Amid Scorching Heat

Power Cuts Troubles Udaipur’s Residents Amid Scorching Heat

Electricity Demand in Udaipur: 160-180 complaints about power cuts are being registered daily



Udaipur: In Udaipur, power cuts are causing significant distress to residents amid the intense heat. Over the past three days, the city has faced an average of 2 hours of power cuts daily, while rural areas around 4 hours of cuts each day. The high temperatures have led to increased use of ACs, coolers, and fans, especially from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM and from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This surge in usage is overloading the power lines and causing tripping issues.

Daily Electricity Shortfall

Electricity department officials report that the district needs 350 megawatts of electricity daily. However, only 310 megawatts are being supplied, resulting in a daily shortfall of 40 megawatts. This shortfall is causing Udaipur's 220 kV lines to operate in an overloaded state. To reduce this load and address the shortage, a 400 kV substation is necessary. Unfortunately, constructing this substation is not possible this season, meaning residents will have to continue facing power cuts. Currently, 160-180 complaints about power cuts are being registered daily.

District Collector Demands Action

District Collector Arvind Poswal has instructed AVVNL Udaipur management to prepare a detailed plan for allocating land for a new 400 kV substation. He also asked the responsible officials, questioning why the establishment of new substations was delayed despite knowing that the demand for electricity would increase during the summer. The officials explained that they had created a plan and sent it to higher-level authorities, but it was never implemented. The construction of the new substation will be a important step in meeting the district's electricity demands in the future.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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