Prabha Khaitan Foundation Hosts The Write Circle Session with Renowned Author Lakshmi Puri

Prabha Khaitan Foundation Hosts The Write Circle Session with Renowned Author Lakshmi Puri

The session held at Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa, Udaipur

Radisson Blu Event
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● The event was organized in association with Ehsaas Woman of Udaipur- Swati Agarwal
● She shared her life journey and experiences in the literary field, along with her interest in supporting the cause of women empowerment.

In a convergence of literary brilliance and cultural elegance, Prabha Khaitan Foundation, recently hosted renowned author Lakshmi Puri for an enlightening literary session. The event was organized on March 24, 2024, in association with Ehsaas Woman of Udaipur- Swati Agarwal, Kanika Agarwal, Mumal Bhandari, Riddhima Doshi, Shraddha Murdia, and Shubh Singhvi and was sponsored by Shree Cement Limited as a part of their CSR initiative, with Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa, Udaipur as a hospitality partner. 

Prabha Khaitan

Lakshmi Puri is an Indian Foreign Service diplomat and former assistant secretary general of the United Nations. During the event, she shared numerous professional experiences she encountered because of her unconventional career choice. She also narrated her inspiring story of being an author and the transition from the world of diplomacy to fiction. Lakshmi Puri further revealed the years of effort and hard work behind her masterpiece, Swallowing the Sun, which she launched last month. 

Sharing about the event, Lakshmi Puri, Author and Indian Foreign Service diplomat, said, “I extend my gratitude to The Write Circle and Prabha Khaitan Foundation for hosting me. This session gave me a platform to voice my opinion on the cause of women empowerment, share my personal experiences, and creative writing journey.” 

Further speaking about her book, she said, “After devoting my life to diplomacy, I pursued my interest in writing and launched my book ‘Swallowing the Sun’. I wish to inspire millions of aspiring authors and females out there and create an impact through the power of words, and events like these truly motivate me to work hard towards my goals.” 

Swati Agarwal, Owner, Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa, Udaipur, said, “The literary world holds a special place in my heart. I feel honored to be a part of societies and communities that serve the author and literary enthusiast communities. Having a deep admiration for the field, I often host interactive sessions, and the palace serves as the perfect backdrop for authors and literary community members from all walks of life to network and build meaningful connections. This time, we welcomed Lakshmi Puri, and we had an encouraging and engaging conversation with her. Her inspiring journey and captivating literary work are truly enlightening and inspiring, showcasing the boundless potential of women and their capability to excel in diverse fields.” 

Kanika Agarwal, Ehsaas Woman of Udaipur, said, "This platform provides a literary and cultural context to the city and its vibrance, allowing the community to explore the rich tapestry of ideas, narratives, and artistic expressions that shape our society."

The Write Circle initiative aims to promote English literature and spread its footprint at the global level. The initiative offers popular authors an opportunity to engage in heartfelt conversations about their lives and literary works with audiences comprising literature enthusiasts, bibliophiles, and bibliophages.

Prabha Khaitan Foundation is a Kolkata-based non-profit trust dedicated to socio-cultural welfare and supporting humanitarian causes. It actively associates with like-minded individuals and institutions to implement innovative cultural, educational, literary, and social welfare projects across India. 

Ehsaas is a conglomerate of exceptional women from all walks of life who work to uplift females and make society a better place to live. Swati Agarwal is a member of the Udaipur chapter and shares her common interest in women empowerment and literature with other members- Kanika Agarwal, Mumal Bhandari, Riddhima Doshi, Shraddha Murdia, and Shubh Singhvi. They run the corporation and organize meets and sessions that are hosted by Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa, Udaipur.

The property has had strong ties with the Prabh Khaitan Foundation and Ehsaas Women of Udaipur for over eight years now. Together, they organize several cultural activities and literary events at the palace and have hosted prominent authors, including Shashi Tharoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Hardeep Singh Puri, and Jai Ram Ramesh, in the past.

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