Pratapgarh 15 September 2023 Latest News Updates

Pratapgarh 15 September 2023 Latest News Updates

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News: Pratapgarh Street Play Urges Sewerage Connection for a Cleaner City

In Pratapgarh, city residents received a message of awareness regarding the sewerage project of the Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project through street drama. These street plays are part of the "Special Awareness Campaign for Sewer Connection," organized by the Community Awareness and Public Participation Program (CAP) under the leadership of RUIDP Superintending Engineer Hansram Meena and with the guidance of Executive Engineer Ashok Jangid.

Street drama was used as a means to inform city residents about various aspects of the sewerage system, including its usage, maintenance, benefits, cleanliness, solid waste disposal, and the advantages of connecting to the sewer project initiated by RUIDP in the city. The ongoing sewerage project involves the installation of sewer connections to houses for improved sanitation.

Today at 12:30 pm, RUIDP is conducting an awareness campaign among city residents using street drama. A comedy-oriented street play was performed at Adarsh Saraswati Vidya Mandir Girls Higher Secondary School, situated in Ahir Basti on Water Works Road, Jatiya Gali, Bagwas Kachchi Basti, which is located along Abkari Road in the city. During this event, citizens were entertained and informed about the advantages of sewerage connections through song, humorous dialogues, and dance performances.

Furthermore, people were educated through songs that items such as kitchen and bathroom waste, including vegetables, leaves, tea leaves, pieces of ginger, contraceptives, sanitary napkins, polythene, ash, soil, hair flakes, soap, and paper, should not be disposed of in the sewer line. Such practices can lead to sewer line blockages, spreading foul odors and filth around their homes.

During the program, RUIDP's Junior Engineer, Madan Lohar, made an earnest appeal to the people, urging them to actively participate in enhancing the cleanliness of the city by opting for maximum sewer connections. This, he emphasized, would contribute to making our city clean and beautiful. CMSC Support Engineer, Yogesh Chaudhary, provided technical insights regarding sewer connections, while Manoj Kumar Jat, a member of the Community Awareness and Public Participation Unit of CAP RUIDP, administered a cleanliness oath to the colony residents.


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