Prisoners in Central Jail on hunger strike

Udaipur Central jail prisoners on hunger strike.

Prisoners in Central Jail on hunger strike

Prisoners in Central Jail have complained that they do not get a good quality of food in the jail. Since 7th September 52 prisoners are on hunger strike following this issue.  As informed the prisoners are provided food twice a day at 9:30 a.m. and then at 5 p.m. The jail follows a menu system as per which food is provided every day to the prisoners.

Since last few days, the prisoners were not being served vegetables properly, only chapatis were served in ample quantity. Also they are not served even half the quantity of dal as per the prescribed menu. It was also informed that the prisoners were managing with tea and water since the last few days. They have claimed that a medical test will prove that they have not been fed enough.

The data reveals that Udaipur Central jail has 1272 prisoners whereas the capacity of the jail is only 935 prisoners. The Superintendent of the jail says that 40 prisoners are in this jail since past 3 years. They will now be sent to a different prison as per instructions from the higher officials. This is probably the reason that these prisoners are spreading rumours regarding food whereas there is no issue related to food.

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