Private vehicles acquired by Chittorgarh administration for Election duty, owners reacted

Private vehicles acquired by Chittorgarh administration for Election duty, owners reacted

District collector says you can refuse to give your vehicle but cite a genuine reasons
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Udaipur,22.11.23- An incident of private vehicle being forcibly requisitioned without the consent of the owner for election duty came to light from a village located between Chittorgarh - Nimbahera road.

The incident occured on Monday evening at around 7 pm when two men hailing from Udaipur were heading towards Nimbahera from Chittorgarh in their private SUV.

Their car was stopped by a team allegedly including the police and RTO officials. They stopped the car and handed them over a a letter containing the order of District Collector (Election Officer ) stating that the said vehicle will remain under the control of the state government from the date of its issuance.

One of the two occupants of the SUV (Ertiga) Sumit Arora told UT That he along with one of his colleagues went to Chittorgarh from Udaipur in their SUV on Monday for some official work, after finishing their work at Chittorgarh they headed towards Nimbahera but at the midway a team of officials stopped them, they handed them over an preprinted order copy on the name of Election Officer and asked them to take their car to the reserve police line saying that their car has been acquired for election duty. When they denied for it the team told them that nothing can be done and they have to take their car to the police line. However both of them have to spent the night in their car hoping that they would allowed to take their car away.

Sumit further said that the car was owned by his colleague, he however returned back to Udaipur on Tuesday morning but his colleague is still at Chittorgarh with his car.

Sumit said that he and his colleague both are teachers and teaching at one of the private education institute of Udaipur.

District Collector Chittorgarh Gaurav Agerwal said " Yes private vehicles can be acquired by the Election Commission, but it depend upon the number of vehicles required by the Commission for the election team. In that first the Government Vehicles, Buses, Taxis and PUCs were acquired and if even after acquiring these vehicles more vehicles are needed than private vehicles can be acquired but that is with fair remuneration. And even after that any vehicle owner want his vehicle back we releases his vehicle. We aquire vehicle with the consent of the owner, we first convince them, provide them remuneration but if than too they doesn't want their vehicle to be acquired then their vehicle was provided back to them. "

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