Protection Kits Provided to Forest Workers will Reduce Risks of Wild Animal Encounters

Protection Kits Provided to Forest Workers will Reduce Risks of Wild Animal Encounters

New Protection Kits Enhance Safety for Forest Workers

Forest Workers

Forest workers across the state have reason to rejoice as the Forest Department introduces new protection kits aimed at reducing the risks associated with catching dangerous wild animals, including panthers. These kits come as a boon to rescue teams, promising enhanced safety during their operations.

The highlight of these kits is the incorporation of hard plastic into the jacket, providing much-needed protection against attacks from wild animals like panthers and bears. This innovation ensures that even in the face of aggression, the jacket remains intact, preventing any scratches or wounds to the workers.

In addition, the new kits also include helmets, offering defense for the head against potential attacks. The helmets are equipped with hard fabric at the back, ensuring the protection of the neck area as well.

Moreover, forest workers can now anticipate improved mobility and efficiency, as the new kits are designed to be lighter compared to their predecessors. This advancement not only enhances comfort but also facilitates ease of movement during rescue operations.

Previous Challenges and Ongoing Threats

Previously, forest rescue teams grappled with inadequacies in their equipment, often relying on fabric-based kits that proved vulnerable to tearing when confronted by aggressive wild animals. Instances of panther encounters, particularly in Udaipur district, underscored the urgency for enhanced safety measures.

Recent events, including a viral CCTV footage capturing a bear sighting in Main Road Sector 6 of Hiran Magri, serve as stark reminders of the persistent threats posed by wild animals. In another alarming incident, two forest workers were injured by a bear during a search operation at Kurabad Range. 

Addressing Challenges in High-Risk Areas

The introduction of these new protection kits comes as a relief, particularly in densely populated areas or instances where bears lurk amidst standing crops in fields. In such scenarios, rescue teams often rely on signals from locals to locate these elusive animals, exposing themselves to potential risks of sudden bear attacks.

Additional Support Tools 

  • Foldable Ladders: In addition to the protection kits, forest workers will also benefit from the supplementary tools. Foldable ladders, essential for rescuing animals trapped in wells or deep pits, promise improved accessibility to challenging terrain.
  • Foldable Stretchers: The introduction of foldable stretchers alleviates the risks associated with manually transporting tranquilized bears to safety. By immobilizing the animals securely, these stretchers mitigate the potential for post-tranquilization attacks.
  • Specialized Stick: The inclusion of a specialized stick, equipped with cloth to catch monkeys, facilitates safer and more effective capture methods. This stick can reach upto 10 feet.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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