Public breaks one-way route system and creates traffic jams

Public breaks one-way route system and creates traffic jams

Don't complain about traffic jams if you can't follow rules.
Public breaks one-way route system and creates traffic jams
Be vigilant, follow rules and help in managing the traffic

Traffic jams are a common problem everywhere in India. Though rules are created, systems are introduced yet there seems to be no escape from a traffic jam issue. It is an issue which now demands public attention rather than merely the administration taking steps to rectify the issue. 

Udaipur city is experiencing too much of traffic jams and now that the tourist season is going on, there seems to be no escape. A place that takes harldy 10 minutes to cross in the off season days now requires more than 30 minutes. Though one-way routes have been specified, public is not bothered and enters these specified areas breaking all rules. It is easy to complain that traffic is a major problem during tourist season, but difficult to admit that local public is more responsible for this major issue. 

Following the tourist season, traffic arrangements have been made, one-way routes have been marked. The local public feels smart and takes pride in breaking these rules. No one wants to take longer routes but each one enters narrow one-way lanes and spends a good time stuck in traffic which has become all the more difficult to tackle. Apart from this, the vehicles like auto rickshaws and tourist cabs and cars are parked outside these one-way areas which make it even more difficult to manage since the drivers are usually missing. 

A parking lot has been created inside the premises of Hemraj Rashtirya Vyayamshala. But autos are parked right outside on the road in front of the gate making it impossible for the tourist vehicles to enter or even exit the parking zone. There has been a ban on the 4-wheelers from entering the area of Jagdigh Chowk through Samor bagh side, but even then traffic jams can be seen as the rules are broken. 

The traffic police in these one-way routes need to be extremely strict and not give way to any kind of excuse. Traffic needs to be controlled as Udaipur has a lot of tourist points. If the tourists get stuck in traffic jams and are unable to visit the beautiful spots it will certainly create a bad image of Udaipur on the tourist map.

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