Safety Concerns Arise After Railing Collapse at Neemuch Mata Temple's Hill

Safety Concerns Arise After Railing Collapse at Neemuch Mata Temple's Hill

Concerns raised by eyewitnesses...

Railing Collapsed Neemuch Mata Temple

An unfortunate incident occurred on Wednesday morning at the Neemuch Mata Temple hill, where four young men and two young women sustained injuries while taking selfies. The incident sheds light on safety concerns surrounding the temple's premises and draws attention to the need for immediate action to prevent such accidents in the future.

Details of the Incident

The group of youths was standing or sitting near the cement railing approximately 50 feet away from the temple, capturing moments with their cameras. However, the railing couldn't withstand their weight, resulting in a 12-feet section collapsing. Fortunately, the individuals involved suffered only minor injuries as they were caught by trees on the steep slope.

Previous Repairs and Ongoing Safety Measures

It is surprising to note that the Forest Department had previously repaired this section, including the railing, using 1300 bamboo sticks in December 2023. However, concerns regarding the railing's stability persist. Following the incident, a proposal for a new iron railing at the accident spot has been sent to the UDA for consideration.

Concerns Raised by Eyewitnesses

Eyewitnesses, including Sapant Bohra, highlighted there is regular gathering of youths and tourists in the area for photography due to the scenic views of Fateh Sagar and Motimagar. They expressed relief that the incident didn't result in a more severe outcome but emphasized the need for immediate safety improvements.

Approximately 400 city residents and tourists visit Neemuch Mata Temple regularly for darshan and walks. The recent inauguration of a ropeway has further increased foot traffic, with over 1000 to 1200 tourists visiting on weekends. However, the absence of a paved road from the ropeway to the temple poses challenges, especially during the ascent, where the gravel road increases the risk of slipping.

Concerns about deteriorating railings and potential accidents have prompted calls for urgent action from stakeholders. Bharat Joshi, a member of the temple trust, revealed ongoing efforts to address safety issues, including complaints to relevant authorities such as the Collector, Devasthan Commissioner, and the ropeway company.

The incident serves as a wake-up call for authorities to prioritize safety measures and infrastructure improvements at Neemuch Mata Temple to ensure the well-being of visitors and prevent future accidents. With continued public awareness and collaborative efforts, the temple premises can be made safer for all.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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