Rajasthan Issues Guidelines to Tackle Stray Dog Menace

Rajasthan Issues Guidelines to Tackle Stray Dog Menace

In Udaipur there have been 4,864 reported cases of dog bites in the past 14 months...

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The state government has taken decisive action to address the growing threat posed by stray dogs across the region. In response to a surge in incidents involving aggressive strays, Rajasthan Government has implemented new guidelines aimed at safeguarding public safety and ensuring the well-being of both citizens and animals.

According to the guidelines, aggressive and hostile stray dogs will be relocated away from urban areas, mitigating the risk they pose to residents. Furthermore, these dogs will undergo vaccination following identification to curb the spread of diseases and ensure their welfare.

The Government highlighted the urgency of the situation, citing a notable increase in attacks by stray dogs in recent months. With public safety at the forefront, the guidelines are intended to address the pressing issue effectively. Sterilization reduces their aggressiveness, assuming they haven't been bitten by a rabies dog. 

The magnitude of the problem is substantial, with the stray dog population estimated to be around 10 Lakh across the state. In Jaipur alone, the number exceeds 80,000, with over 2000 reported dog bites in the past three months. The severity of the situation was tragically underscored by a recent incident in Chittorgarh, where a stray dog fatally attacked a child. 

However, a recent survey was conducted by Animal Aid revealed a population of approximately 17,000 stray dogs in Udaipur. Out of these, more than 8,587 dogs have undergone vaccination and sterilization. Regarding Udaipur, there have been 4,864 reported cases of dog bites in the past 14 months (from January 2023 to March 2024). This translates to an average of 348 dog bite cases per month, affecting approximately 12 individuals daily.

An agreement was reached between the Animal Aid organization and the municipal corporation in February 2023 regarding this issue. Animal Aid asserts that all stray dogs in the city of Udaipur will be vaccinated in the coming years. The ABC (Animal Birth Control) Rules of 2001 govern the sterilization of stray dogs, with amendments made in 2013.

With concerns mounting over the escalating menace of stray dogs in cities statewide, the government's proactive measures aim to mitigate risks and protect both citizens and animals alike.

Guidelines of the Government

  1. Aggressive stray dogs detected within educational institutions and public spaces, based on complaints from concerned citizens, will be removed from urban areas and relocated to designated municipalities across Rajasthan.
  2. Identification and vaccination protocols will be enforced for all identified aggressive stray dogs to ensure public safety and animal welfare.
  3. Stray dogs found in sensitive areas such as labor rooms, maternity wards, operation theaters, and pediatric wards of both government and private hospitals will be promptly captured and relocated away from urban centers.
  4. Mandatory identification and vaccination requirements will be imposed on pet owners statewide to mitigate the risk of disease transmission and promote responsible pet ownership.
  5. Collaboration with non-governmental organizations will be prioritized to facilitate the implementation of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) program and manage the stray dog population effectively.
  6. Effective coordination with non-governmental organizations will be established to facilitate the safe relocation of captured stray dogs to designated areas for appropriate action and management.

11 Years Data of Attack Incidents and Sterilization 

Year Attack Incidents Sterilization
2014 5067 199
2015 2903 203
2016 1621 492
2017 2965 300
2018 3155 212
2019 3706 132
2020 2871 130
2021 2962 112
2022 3607 2148
2023 3967 3533
2024 1068 1126

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