Rajasthan Introduces E-License and E-RC for Vehicle Owners

Rajasthan Introduces E-License and E-RC for Vehicle Owners

The electronic records will hold the same validity as the original documents...

e license and e-rc

Starting April 1, 2024 the transport department is set to revolutionize the process of licensing and registration for vehicle owners. Officials announced on Thursday, March 14, 2024, that electronic versions of licences (E-License) and registration certificates (E-RC) will now be issued, with smart card-based documents. Following this, drivers of both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles will no longer be obligated to carry hard copies of their original documents. You have the option to digitally store your documents on the government's online portals.

Applicants will have the freedom to choose whether they prefer a smart card or not during the application process. This option will be available when applying for both license and vehicle registration certificates. Previously, customers were charged Rs 200 for the smart card. With the new online option, they can now save this fee. 

To get an E-Driving License, you will need to enter details like application number, driving license number, and date of birth on the transportation service portal. After that, you'll receive a mobile OTP to download the PDF of your E-Driving License. Similarly, for an E-RC, you will have to input vehicle registration details including the vehicle number and the last five digits of the chassis number (Vehicle Identification Number) on the transportation service portal. Once done, you will receive a mobile OTP to download the PDF of your E-RC.

The electronic documents can be easily downloaded from the mParivahan application and will be deemed valid by transport authorities. To facilitate easy access, commuters can simply download the online document and keep a printout while travelling. These documents will include a QR code that authorities can scan to verify their authenticity. Officials have also announced the development of an online system to ensure that the state transport department receives payments for challans issued by the authorities.

This move marks a significant step towards digitizing and streamlining the process of licensing and registration for vehicle owners, making it more convenient and cost-effective.

"Till now, people were issued chip-based or QR code based smart cards when they applied for licence or registration certificates. But from April 1, e-licences and e-registration will be considered valid across the state. With this, applicants will be able to save Rs 200. When traffic authorities check for the documents from drivers, they will consider a document valid only when the same details will be visible on the mParivahan databased that they can also access, said Kanhaiya Lal Swami, Commissioner for Transport Department Rajasthan.


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