Rajasthan expects drop in Bajri prices

Rajasthan expects drop in Bajri prices

Five districts set for leasing initiatives...

Mining Rajasthan

Government expects Rs 300 crore in revenue from bidding

The mining department in Rajasthan has recently opened up online bidding for the allocation of leases for bajri (pearl millet) mining. This initiative covers 22 substantial blocks located across various areas in the state. The leases on offer span from 34 hectares to 100 hectares of land, presenting diverse opportunities for potential bidders. This move is part of the state government's strategy to regulate and facilitate mining activities in the region. Anticipating significant economic benefits, the state government aims to generate revenue exceeding Rs 300 crore through the auctioning process. 

The allocation of these blocks extends beyond Bhilwara, Rajsamand, Bhilwara, and Tonk to include Nagaur district. These blocks are positioned along both the Luni River and the Banas River. The government, by setting specific conditions in the bidding process, raises optimism that Bajri may be accessible to the public at a highly affordable rate this time.

As per information from the mining department, the bidding process is scheduled to start on December 27,2023, marking the last week of the month. These leases will be valid for a duration of 5 years. It is noteworthy that Rajasthan currently has 45 operational leases, and over 25 of them are expected to expire by March 2024.

There is optimism that Bajri might be accessible to the public at a rate of Rs 200 per ton in the current bidding process. The state government has implemented conditions to ensure that the selling price of Bajri does not exceed four times the royalty amount. Currently, the filling process in various blocks along the Banas River is underway, with rates ranging from Rs 500 to 700 per ton. The state government applies a royalty fee of Rs 40 to 50 per ton of Bajri, and this royalty varies across different districts. 

Strict monitoring by the state government could lead to bajri being available to the public at a lower cost than the current market price. Presently, in Jaipur, a truckload of 40 tons of Bajri costs approximately Rs 48,000 to 50,000 for consumers. However, with the implementation of these regulations, there is potential for the price to fall within the range of Rs 33,000 to 36,000.

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