Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi announces prestigious awards of three years

Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi announces prestigious awards of three years

Celebrations set for August

Rajasthan Sahitya Academy
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On Monday 26 July 2023, at the academy office in Udaipur, the Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi Udaipur announced the awards for the years 2019-20, 2020-21, and 2021-22. These awards were announced during the meeting of the Academy Board held under the chairmanship of Dr. Dularam Saharan, the President of the Academy. Dr. Basant Singh Solanki, the Academy Secretary, announced that the highest Meeran Award for the year 2019-20 has been bestowed upon the poem 'Mud Kar Dekhta Hai Jeevan' written by Govind Mathur, a resident of Jaipur. 

The Sudhindra Award for Poetry will be presented to Bhanu Bharvi, a resident of Jaipur, for her poem titled 'Rang Ab Woh Rang Nahi'. The Rangeya Raghav Award for Prose will be granted to Sandeep Meel for his story 'Kokilashastra' from Posani-Sikar village. Additionally, the Devraj Upadhyay Award for criticism will be bestowed upon Sadashiv Shrotriya, a resident of Udaipur, for his remarkable critical work 'Kavita Ka Parsh.'

The Kanhaiyalal Sahal award for the miscellaneous genre has been announced in recognition of Anta-Bara-born Om Nagar's diary titled 'Nib ke chire se.' Moreover, the Devilal Samar award for the theatrical genre has been conferred upon Ashok Rahi, a playwright based in Jaipur, for his remarkable work 'Vishnugupta Chanakya... aur Ravana Mil Gaya.' The Sumnesh Joshi Award for the first work will be presented to Madhav Rathod, a story writer from Jodhpur, in recognition of his work 'Marks Mein Manu Dhundhti.' Additionally, the Shambhudayal Saxena Award for children's literature will be bestowed upon Pankaj Veerwal Kishore, a resident of Salambur.

In the awards for the year 2020-21, the prestigious Dr. R.D. Meeran Puraskar will be presented to Saini, a Jaipur resident of Pilani origin, in recognition of his exceptional prose work titled 'Dear Olive'.

Furthermore, the Sudhindra Award for poetry will be bestowed upon Ghazalkar Ghulam Mohiuddin Mahir from Bikaner for his remarkable work 'Aatshe-Kalbo-Jigar'. Reena Menaria, a talented story writer based in Udaipur, will be honored for her work 'Banas Par'.

The Devraj Upadhyay Award for criticism has been declared for Lalmaddi-Nathdwara resident critic Madhav Nagda, acknowledging his significant contribution through the work 'Contemporary Hindi short story and today's reality'.

The Shambhudayal Saxena Award for Children's Literature will be bestowed upon Puran Sarma, a resident of Jaipur, for his exceptional children's novel titled 'Sadbhav Ka Ujala'. Meanwhile, the Sumnesh Joshi Award for the first work will be presented to Brijesh Mathur, a Ghazalkar from Ajmer. In addition, the Kanhaiyalal Sahal Award for various genres has been declared in recognition of Uma, a resident of Jaipur, for her work 'Kissagoi'. The Devalal Samar Award will be granted to Indresh Rajkumar Bunkar, a dramatist also based in Jaipur.

Under the awards for the year 2021-22, the highest Meeran award has been announced for Dr. Padmaja Sharma, a resident of Jodhpur, in recognition of her work 'Mobile, Pick and Hostel and other stories'.

The Rangeya Raghav Award for Prose will be given to Dinesh Panchal, who resides in Vikas Nagar, Dungarpur, for his outstanding work 'Khet'. Additionally, the Sudhindra Award for Poetry will be presented to Jitendra Kumar Soni from Dhannasar-Hanumangarh for his poem 'Regmal'. The Kanhaiyalal Sahal Award in various disciplines will be given to Vimla Bhandari, a resident of Salambur, for her captivating travel-memoir titled 'Adhyatma Ka Wah Din'. The Devraj Upadhyay Award in the field of criticism will be conferred upon Dinesh Kumar Mali, a migrant from Odisha currently residing in Sirohi, for his insightful work 'Tretaru Ek Samyak Vyasa'.

Furthermore, the Devilal Samar Award for one-act play has been given to Prabodh Kumar Govil, a resident of Jaipur, for his impressive work 'Bata Mera Mautnama'. The Shambhudayal Saxena Award for children's literature will be presented to Satyanarayan Vyas, a child writer from Raipur-Bhilwara, for his delightful work 'Rochak Bal Kahaniyan'. Last but not least, the first work Sumanesh Joshi Award has been announced for Ghazalkar Ashwini Tripathi, a resident of Baran, in appreciation of her work 'Man on Margins'.

Under the existing provisions of the Academy, Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi will grant a fixed amount to the esteemed litterateurs along with the award symbol under various awards.

 Fixed amounts will be awarded:

1. Meeran Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

2. Sudhindra Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

3. Rangeya Raghav Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

4. Devraj Upadhyay Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

5. Kanhaiyalal Sahal Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

6. Devi Lal Samar Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

7. Shambhudayal Saxena Puraskar: Rs 75,000 each.

8. Pratham Kriti Sumnesh Joshi Puraskar: Rs 21,000 each.

Through these awards, the Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi aims to honor and support the literary talent in the state. Academy President Dr. Dularam Saharan expressed that the amount allocated for these awards is comparably inadequate when compared to similar literary academies in other states. Dr. Saharan emphasized that there is a pressing need for an increase of at least ten times in the award amount. To address this concern, the academy has submitted a proposal to the Rajasthan government, which is currently under consideration. He further mentioned that a grand function will be organized in the month of August to present these awards. Notably, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Art, Literature, and Culture Minister Dr. B.D. Kalla have approved the proposal. Following the approval, the awards were announced, and applications were invited through the prescribed process. The evaluation of the received entries is underway to finalize the deserving recipients.

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