Rajasthan Excels in Solar Power Capacity

Rajasthan Excels in Solar Power Capacity

Leading in India for making clean energy...

Solar Energy
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Rajasthan is leading in India for making clean energy like solar and wind power. At the end of November 2023, they had the most capacity to produce 23,431.56 megawatts of renewable energy. Even though Gujarat is really good at making wind power, when you add up all the clean energy sources (like solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and waste to energy), Rajasthan still has more overall with 21,896.61 megawatts.

So, even though Gujarat is doing great with wind power, Rajasthan is the champion when it comes to all types of renewable energy combined.

According to the people who manage renewable energy in Rajasthan, they say that the plans for making solar power are very strong and impressive. They believe it's going to be tough for any other state in India to come close to Rajasthan in terms of solar power projects.

"We have projects of 42,000 MW under various stages  of implementation. Till July 2025, the developers can take power from one state to another for free. After that they have to start paying transmission charges, which increase by 25% every year. Nobody wants to pay transmission charges. That's why we expect most of the projects to be in place by July 2025," said the official.

Gujarat is using its long coastline to make more wind power. In the first 11 months of 2023, Gujarat added 1,300 megawatts of wind power, while Rajasthan added 512 megawatts. Gujarat also outdid Rajasthan in installing solar plants, with 2,016 megawatts compared to Rajasthan's 1,750 megawatts from April to November. A big part of Gujarat's solar power comes from rooftop users. That's why Gujarat has the highest solar power capacity in the country, reaching 2,898.16 megawatts by the end of November 2023, up from 2,182.46 megawatts in December 2022.

While Rajasthan increased its rooftop solar capacity by about 200 megawatts, going from 810.08 to 1,002.44 megawatts, it is not as much as some other states. Maharashtra, for example, made quick progress, reaching 1,716.30 megawatts at the end of November 2023, up from 1,385.15 megawatts in December 2022. 

Source: Times Of India

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