Ranthambore celebrates as Riddhi welcomes three cubs

Ranthambore celebrates as Riddhi welcomes three cubs

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Tigress Riddhi Gave Birth To 3 Cubs

Tigress Riddhi (T-124) has brought joy to wildlife enthusiasts as she recently welcomed three adorable cubs into the world at Ranthambore National Park (RNP) in Rajasthan. The forest department has confirmed that lucky tourists on a morning safari in Zone 3 of Ranthambore had the incredible opportunity to observe Riddhi and her precious cubs. Captivating onlookers, the tigress was seen delicately carrying her cubs in her mouth as she gracefully moved through the area. However, given the potential risks posed by the presence of crocodiles in the vicinity where the tigress gave birth, the forest department has implemented heightened monitoring and tracking measures as a precautionary measure.

As a result, the forest department has taken the decision to temporarily close the areas housing the Hunting Lodge in Zone 3 to visitors. This step has been taken as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of both the tigress and her cubs, given the potential risks involved. A wildlife enthusiast at RNP said, “This is not the first time Riddhi has become a mother in Ranthambore. Last year, tourists also spotted her with a cub in Zone 3, but unfortunately, the cub went missing. The newborn cubs are currently estimated to be around 20 days old.” 

At around five years of age, tigress Riddhi has established her territory in Zone 3, which includes the scenic Rajbagh Lake and Malik Talab. According to sources, Riddhi gave birth to the cubs approximately on May 30, and for the past 20 days, she has been frequently observed in Zone 3, particularly near Rajbagh Lake and the Hunting Palace area. This timeline corresponds with the age of the cubs, confirming their connection to Riddhi.

Ranthambore National Park is renowned for its majestic population of tigers, and the birth of these cubs further adds to the park's conservation success story. Riddhi's arrival as a mother signifies the continuation of the species and the park's commitment to preserving these magnificent creatures. Recent estimates indicate that the current population of big cats in the area is approximately 75 individuals, comprising 30 females, 22 males, and 23 cubs.“This is the highest recorded since 1973 when Ranthambore Tiger Reserve was established. The majority of tigress are in their reproductive age, resulting in an increase in the birth rate.” - said an official.

It is worth noting that Riddhi's lineage traces back to T-84 through her mother, Arrowhead. This lineage showcases the rich heritage and genetic diversity of the tiger population in Ranthambore National Park.

No Plans to shift Cheetahs Outside Kuno

According to Union Government Minister Bhupender Yadav, there is sufficient prey available for the cheetahs residing in Kuno National Park, Madhya Pradesh. As of now, there are no plans to relocate the cheetahs elsewhere. However, in anticipation of potential future issues at Kuno, Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Northwestern Madhya Pradesh has been identified as an "alternative site." This ensures that a contingency plan is in place if any challenges arise at Kuno in the future.

Source: Times Of India


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