Rapid Test Kits prove to be a failure

Rapid Test Kits prove to be a failure

Only 5 percent result given by the RTK is accurate.
Rapid Test Kits prove to be a failure
It is better to use PCR kit than the RTK as the results of the Rapid test Kit proved to be shocking.

The Rapid Test Kits (RTK) have proved to be a failure. The failure of this kit is a big blow on the entire world. To keep a check on the spread of covid19, and to give speed to the investigations for ensuring safety around 3 lakh RTKs were demanded by India. As of now 10,000 kits have arrived and the testing work is on but the result is shocking as well as quite a matter of concern.

The RTKs failed. When the doctors in SMS, Jaipur, tested the patients through these kits, 95 percent of the corona positive patients were shown as negative. As of now there are 100 patients in SMS, and the RTK reported that 5 percent were positive. The doctors were extrmeley shocked with these results. 

In the 3-day rapid test campaign in Ramganj, 99 percent patients were shown as negative by the RTK whereas the fact is that they are all positive. The doctors have sent a report of these tests to the state government and have demanded that the corona tests be done by the PCR kit. 

It may also be noted that the cost of each investigation through the Rapid Test Kit is 600 rupees. But since the Microbiology and Preventive Social Medicine Department has tested the kit and it is proved that the kit is not apt for testing corona, PCR kit will be used from now on. 

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