Relatives push a minor girl into cleaning work

Relatives push a minor girl into cleaning work

Minor girl forced to work as cleaner.

  Relatives push a minor girl into cleaning work

In a case of child labour, an incident of a minor girl being forced into cleaning work has come to light. Reportedly, the girl’s relatives who were supposed to be guardians were pushing her into this work after her parents died.

A 17 year old girl was constantly beaten by her uncle’s (father’s brother) wife and a contractor. They forced her to take up cleaning work at the chorahas and even made her clean toilets. An official from the labour department informed police about this incident.

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 On Wednesday police got reports about a girl cleaning up the Pratap choraha in Gogunda. When her whereabouts were asked, she revealed that she was 17 years old and was working there as a cleaner for the past 3 years. Her aunt made her do this work and would beat her up if she refused. She also said that she was sent in schools and colleges to clean up the toilets. She was paid 1000 rupees by private schools, 500 rupees by government schools and 1500 rupees by college but the entire amount was taken away from her by her aunt. The girl informed police that after her parents died, her father’s brother and his wife were supposed to take care of her but they pushed her into work and ill-treated her.

As per CWC, action must be taken against the institutes also apart from the relatives and contractor for making a child work against the rules of labour. Gogunda’s CI said that he would investigate the matter and a case under JJ Act Section 75 and 79 has been registered against the contractor and the girl’s relatives.

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