Renovation of Nehru Garden in Fatehsagar Lake Nearing Completion

Renovation of Nehru Garden in Fatehsagar Lake Nearing Completion

UDA Invests Rs 7.5 Crore in Garden Beautification...

Nehru Garden Udaipur

The renovation work of Nehru Garden, located at  Fatehsagar Lake, is entering its final phase. The painting and modernization efforts are expected to wrap up within a month. By July, the garden is set to reopen to the public, offering tourists a blend of natural beauty and the company of various animals and birds, including ducks that interact comfortably with visitors.

UDA Invests Rs 7.5 Crore in Garden Beautification

UDA is investing Rs 7.5 crore  to enhance the beauty of the garden. Velvet green grass is being planted across the two-hectare garden area. Work on installing steel railings and electricity connections along the bridge's edges is progressing swiftly. Additionally, the garden's walls have been renovated internally and externally. Furthermore, the bridge connecting the garden to the ship-shaped restaurant is now complete.

New Look for Statue and Improved Sitting Space

The statue of the damaged woman in the garden has been revamped, accompanied by enhancements to the sitting area. Despite initial plans targeting completion by January 2024, the renovation faced a four-month delay due to rain and waterlogging.

Arrangements for Boat Operation Post-Renovation

Following the project's completion, UDA will coordinate boat operations to facilitate access to the restaurant and garden. A tender will be issued to manage this aspect of the project.

Ownership of Fatehsagar Lake and Nehru Garden

The Irrigation Department owns Fatehsagar Lake. In 2015, they installed a gate and weir to raise the water level from 13 to 14 feet, increasing its storage capacity. Unfortunately, this flooded the ground floor of Nehru Garden, causing water seepage throughout the interior, damaging grass and plants, dislodging tiles, and creating cracks in pillars.

Neglect and Transfers

Due to budget constraints, the Public Works Department (PWD) couldn't fix the issues. Later, they handed over the garden to the municipal corporation, but neglect worsened the situation. In 2021, the municipal corporation transferred the garden to UDA.

UDA's Development Plan

After taking over, UDA allocated a budget to develop the garden, aiming to address the damage caused by the flooding and improve overall conditions.

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