Resident doctors sent behind bars

Resident doctors sent behind bars

Resident doctors who bashed by ASI Traffic have been arrested.

Resident doctors sent behind bars

A recent update on the case of beating up ASI Traffic says that the resident doctors who indulged in physical fight with traffic police have been sent behind bars. Resident doctors Deeparam Patel and Surendra Kumar Bharia have finally been arrested. As per reports, these resident doctors are likely to be rusticated.

The resident doctors had applied for bail which was rejected by court. Bashing up ASI-Traffic turned out to be a blunder for the resident doctors.  It may be noted that these resident doctors had abused the traffic police and even torn their uniform. The doctors were in a car and while they were entering the hospital, they were stopped by traffic police as the car had black film and was in speed. The incident took place on 14th September.

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As informed by some seniors in RNT medical college, if these 2 resident doctors stay behind bars for 48 hours they can be rusticated as per rules.

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