Persistent noise pollution and use of firecracker disregard despite restrictions in Sajjangarh-Fateh Sagar area

Persistent noise pollution and use of firecracker disregard despite restrictions in Sajjangarh-Fateh Sagar area

Non compliance of Hon'ble NGT orders

Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur, Udaipur destinations
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1.Continuous noise violations occurring around Lake Fatehsagar Udaipur  and other wetlands of Udaipur. 

2. Preservation as per wetland rules.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has begun to have a noticeable impact on the preservation of the environment and lakes in the city. Following a significant decision made on July 31, 2023, by the NGT Bench in Bhopal, the Forest Department has issued an order imposing various restrictions in the vicinity of the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary and the influence area of Fatehsagar Lake. The esteemed NGT Court has also taken action to address the growing issue of noise pollution around Lake Fatehsagar. Their directive is aimed at ensuring that noise levels remain within permissible limits, with the ultimate goal of preserving the tranquility and ecological balance of these invaluable natural resources. Furthermore, the NGT order explicitly prohibits the use of loudspeakers and firecrackers in the vicinity of these pristine lakes, further reinforcing their commitment to environmental protection.

Unfortunately, in spite of the honorable NGT court's orders, there has been a persistent and flagrant disregard for the established noise limits around Lake Westlands. Both residents and visitors in the vicinity have had to endure consistent disturbances stemming from various sources, including loud music emanating from hotels, resorts, and other commercial establishments, as well as religious gatherings, processions, and other events. These disturbances have undeniably had a substantial adverse impact on the overall experience of the lake's surroundings.

Furthermore, the unauthorized use of firecrackers continues to be a prevalent issue around the lake area, coupled with the use of DJs and powerful bass sound speakers mounted on vehicles. It is worth noting that the Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) had previously recommended a ban on such practices in a Joint Committee Report, highlighting the importance of adhering to sound pollution regulations. The ongoing violations of noise limits and environmental regulations are a concerning challenge that needs to be addressed promptly to protect the serenity and ecological balance of this natural resource.

Deputy Forest Conservator Arun Kumar D has emphasized that if the court's decision is not adhered to, appropriate actions will be taken in accordance with established regulations. It's important to note that the Fatehsagar shore and Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary area is host to over 20 hotels, marriage gardens, and restaurants. In response to the NGT's directive, the state government has been tasked with formulating regulations to restrict various activities within these areas. This demonstrates the commitment to enforcing the court's orders and preserving the environmental integrity of these sensitive zones.

Concrete constructions near trees along the city roads are being dismantled following the National Green Tribunal's (NGT) recent stringent stance on such structures. The NGT bench has underscored that cement-concrete structures pose harm to trees. Consequently, wherever such constructions had been established in proximity to trees along the city's roads, they are now in the process of being removed.

This directive has prompted the removal of cement-concrete structures not only in areas like Saheliyon Ki Bari and Fatehsagar but also along various other roads. In their place, perforated tiles are being installed, indicating a shift towards more tree-friendly infrastructure and a commitment to preserving the well-being of urban trees.

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