Safety Restrictions Imposed at Bhushi Dam After the Death Tragedy

Safety Restrictions Imposed at Bhushi Dam After the Death Tragedy 

Decades-old kiosks and stalls near the dam were removed which were the major crowd pullers from few years...
Bhushi Dam Tragedy
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Lonavala Municipal Corporation and Pune administration have imposed various restrictions following the tragic deaths of five individuals, including four children, at Bhushi Dam.

No tourists are now allowed beyond the west weir of the dam. Parking at Sahara Bridge and entry into the upper portion of the three small waterfalls near the bridge is prohibited.

Decades-old kiosks and stalls near the dam, some very close to the dam, have been removed. These stalls had been major crowd-pullers for years.

“The family involved in the recent tragedy had ventured into the west weir of the dam and were swept 150 meters away. They received severe injuries on their heads as they fell on rocks. The restrictions are necessary to prevent such accidents,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kartik Satyasi.

Recently, Udaipur Times highlighted the dangers of lake sites and eco-tourism destinations in Udaipur. The report emphasized that people often underestimate the dangers of water and nature sites. During monsoon season, water flow through mountains, streams, or dams is extremely fast, making it hazardous to enter the water.

Ignoring signboards and rules at such sites is unacceptable. Awareness of potential risks is crucial for visitors. Placing rescue teams and security personnel at these sites can help prevent accidents.


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