Sandal wood thieves are back in action

Sandal wood thieves are back in action

Chandan chor active again.

Sandal wood thieves are back in action

A woman’s heart wept like it would weep for a child when she discovered that the sandalwood tree in her yard was cut down and taken away. Thieves cut down a 20 year old sandalwood tree from a house in Ashirwad Nagar at Roopsagar road.

The incident of theft took place 2 days back during late night hours. The thieves first paid their respect towards the deity in the yard of this house and then cut down the chandan tree and escaped with it. The landlady’s sorrow knew no bounds when she discovered that the tree she had taken of like her own child was no more there. The lady Pyaribai informed that her husband had planted this tree 20 years back and a place for deity was also built in the yard of their house. Around 2 days back, some people had come trying to buy the tree for which she flatly refused. Probably these are the people who stole the tree.

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Three days back, some people threw stones in the house trying to check if someone was inside. When people got up, they ran away. Then the next day, they entered the premises during dark hours, latched all the doors of the house from outside and took away the tree trunk with them. The next morning when the residents got up, they had to take neighbour’s help to unlatch the doors.  And this is how they discovered the theft.

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