2nd International Education Expo 2023 at Seedling Udaipur

2nd International Education Expo 2023 at Seedling Udaipur

This is future oriented program organized under the aegis of Seedling Group of Schools and Global Reach

Seedling Group Of School, Udaipur

For bright future of students under the joint aegis of Udaipur Seedling Group of Schools and Global Reach a highly informative conference to take off II International Education Expo 2023 event is being organized in the school premises which is presided over by Mr. Hardeep Bakshi, chairman of the school, School Director Mrs. Monita Bakshi, Seedling the World School Principal Rashi Rohatgi and Global Reach H.O. Mr. Pawan Solanki. The main objective of the conference is to provide international education to the youth. Orienting towards and making their identity on the world stage. 

It will take place on 25 April 2023 at Seedling The World School, Pratappura, Sapetia from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Representatives of the following world famous universities will participate in this conference. 

1. James Cook University Singapore

2. James Cook University Australia.

3. ECA Education Center of Australia.

4. Southern Cross University

5. Monash University

6. E.I.T. Engineering Institute of Technology, Australia

7. R.M.I.T. University

8. A.C.U Australian Catholic University

9. U.T.S university of technology sydney

10. University of Sydney

11. Australian National University

12. University of South Wales UK

13. Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore

In this second conference to be held at Seedling Group of School, Udaipur, students will participate globally. Will be exposed to the best international programs, courses and job benefits and will be able to compete internationally. Detailed information about the process of taking admission in universities will be given. 

Seedling World School run under Seedling Group of Schools, Sapetia, Udaipur in the city. Education based on international curriculum to lead students towards international education. The work of communication is continuing. Make your life bright by getting admission in universities after class 12. Seedling timely organizes special conferences to guide you for admission in top universities around the world. Seedling made this successful effort on 9 November 2022 in Udaipur.

In which many parents and students of the city were able to know about the international university process. The first edition received excellent response from the education stakeholders. This edition is also the eleventh and will be an ideal platform for the students of class XII (CBSE/Cambridge) where the students will get the University. Direct guidance from the delegates regarding their career- path, various courses, infrastructure, academics, detailed information about the methodology, scholarship and their overall placement etc. will be provided. Their success will certainly be mentioned on the world stage. 

Seedling Group of Schools is also striving for a special scholarship for city dwellers this year. In this edition 13 out of 3 universities will be accepting Rajiv Gandhi State Scholarship which will benefit the students. Presently the students of Seedling Group of Schools, Udaipur, on the basis of their interest and aptitude. The school makes sure to take your future to a higher dimension by taking admission in international universities.

The school, from time to time, homes the skills of the students, nurtures the seed that is growing in their hearts. Organization of enlightening conferences to achieve the main objective of flourishing and spreading fragrance to the country and abroad that conducts discussions on various international courses, so that students can plan their future after graduation. To pay attention to the possibilities of building the future in all the fields related to it. 

Seeing the trend of students in the field of international education, world famous universities have started Group of Schools, Udaipur to participate in making this conference a success. Seedling students can apply to the International University for free, for this ensures a bright future for your children by joining the school.  Parents and students through the Seedling Group of Schools can get a chance to apply to over 500 universities around the world and can get advice from representatives of 13 universities @Seedling Group Of Schools.


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